Powder coating capabilities by Powder Coating Specialists
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Powder Coating Specialists has over a decade of experience in the metal and steel industries. Our full service powder coating shop can handle single piece jobs as well as mass quantities. Our oven is 20 ft. long x 8 ft. wide x 8 ft. tall with a matching spray booth. The shop has two large overhead doors for large deliveries and a forklift to help unload.



We stock a wide range of high quality standard powder colors. These colors are on hand and available to ensure quick turnaround. We are also able to order special colors, however, please allow a couple days for the powder to be ordered and arrive at our shop. We recommend you come to our shop to view the charts and color chips for a more accurate powder color selection. The color charts on this website are just for reference as computer screens vary.



Surface preparation is essential to make the most of a powder coated finish. Preparation can be upwards of 5 stages depending on the condition, material or end use of the project. Preparation may include sandblasting, outgassing, chemical wipe down or iron phosphate. This allows for the best powder adhesion possible.

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We understand that your powder coating project may have areas that need to be masked from the powder. We have standard masking plugs and tape that are both cost effective and hold up to high temperatures. We can also order any custom plugs that may be necessary. This will allow powder-free area on your project and allow your parts to go back together perfectly with no issues.



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